I created these Two just for you!

So that you can have a go-to real food list while at the same time move your body towards balancing your energy, health, + hormones!  Can't wait to for you to dig in (:


I've also Curated my favorite Outside resources I truly love and believe will be very helpful for ya:

Note: some of these links are affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links below, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to make free content.  I only recommend products that I use myself, trust, and love. Thanks for your support!

Companies, Courses, and People that make It Easier to Eat Real Food:

Thrive Market  This is where Costco meets Whole Foods -- prices up to 50% off other retailers on foods and products that allow me to get and stay healthy while on a budget.  Receive 25% OFF plus FREE SHIPPING on your first order!

Amazon.com  Offers a wide range of healthy eats for less.

Em Fit Challenge  Offers an entry level + more advanced real food fitness challenge where Emily explains the basics of gut health, adrenal balance, and working out tips and tricks while guiding you through a 21-day fitness challenge -- try it before you buy it here!

21 Day Sugar Detox  A 21-day program created by Diane Sanfilippo to rid those sugar and carb cravings for good!

Calton Nutrition  Offering the BEST (and only) anti-competition multivitamin on the market.

Primal Kitchen  Who says "cheat food" can't be healthy??  Plus, lots of great cookbooks from only the best.

Eat Cleaner  The BEST produce and meat cleaner around.  Receive 25% off your first order when you sign up for their Cleaner Plate Club newsletter!


The BEST [FREE] Podcasts I Can Listen to for Hours on End:

Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe with Balanced Bites  Q&A's for everything related to health and nutrition.

Meathead Hippie is new favorite of mine!  Absolutely love Emily Schromm -- she does exactly what I strive for!

The Paleo Women Podcast with Stephani Ruper & Noelle Jarr.  Q&A's for women relating to health and nutrition.

The Paleo View with Sarah Ballentyne and Stacy Toth.  These two ladies go into the deep science of food and health.

Robb Wolf with The Paleo Solution Podcast  All about paleo and other health and nutrition topics.

Marie Forleo with MarieTV is an amazing and inspiring woman and has tons of informative and inspiring shows (also has podcast versions) whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or not!

Chalene Johnson with The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe  Both are very motivating and informative for general life as well as business.

If you're wanting to build your own business online, then Screw the Nine to Five is a great resource for getting your butt in gear!  They also show their one-of-a-kind humor!

Amy Porterfield with Online Marketing Made Easy  Best FREE source of information on list-building, SEO, membership sites, and everything website-content related.

Any (and all!) Resources from the Following Amazing People:

Diane Sanfilippo at BalancedBites.com

Liz Wolfe at RealFoodLiz.com

Emily Schromm at EmilySchromm.com

Sarah Ballentyne, PhD at ThePaleoMom.com

Mark Sisson at MarksDailyApple.com

Robb Wolf at RobbWolf.com

Chris Kresser at ChrisKresser.com

Dr. Jolene Brighten at DrBrighten.com


Business Tools:

Leadpages  Best landing pages and list building tool on the market!

GetResponse  Easy to use interface (with a  FREE 90 or 180-day lead building course) for communicating effectively with my followers.  Start your 30-day trial today!

Squarespace  Lifesaver for the non-coder.  Simple to use with a drag and drop interface, esp with the guidance of Megan Minns free and paid courses!

Bluehost  It may not be the best hosting service out there, but it's been working well for me so far.

Canva  FREE tool for creating well-designed graphics for your site and social media.

HTML Cleaner  Great FREE tool for when I need a hand with writing HTML.