Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You - A Review

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Today, I'm going to share with you the importance of stomach acid (yes, you NEED stomach acid for proper digestion!) along with one of the BEST books to read to learn more about it. The book is called Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You: Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux, & GERD by Dr. Wright and Dr. Lenard.  The authors promote natural remedies and believe proper digestion plays a huge part in having optimal health.

The main idea of this book is to enlighten people against the common medical doctor dogma and share the importance of acid in the human stomach.   The authors describe how digestion is supposed to work, common problems people have with their digestion, what acid-blockers and antacids are actually doing to the body, how digestion effects nutrient absorption, enzyme production, bile excretion, and bacterial overgrowth, what can go wrong when the stomach pH is too alkaline, and natural remedies to correct the common issue of low stomach acid production.

A proper level of stomach acid is highly important when it comes to digestion.  The most basic role stomach acid provides is the breaking down of food.  If stomach acid is too alkaline, pepsin will not be released and the body will not be able to digest protein (no protein means no amino acids that are essential for good health, both physically and mentally).  What not everybody realizes, is that when foods aren't broken down optimally, not only will people have bloating, reflux, heartburn, and other uncomfortable digestive problems, but the minerals and nutrients that the food contains will not be absorbed well, and sometimes not at all.  Digestion needs to work properly so the correct signals will be passed through the body in order for amino acids, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, hormones, and other key factors to be assimilated and transported to their designated area so they can be used by the body instead of simply being excreted.  Stomach acid is also the barrier for parasites and bad bacteria and protects the body from overgrowth which in turn can cause many other health issues.

I learned a ton while reading this book.  First off, I learned just how much stress poor digestion can cause on the human body.  I didn't realize the value of stomach acid; I knew it was important, but not to this extent.  Secondly, I learned that there are several ways to give a "friendly push" to your digestive system to allow for better digestion in a natural way (for example, taking bitters before one eats, or lemon juice to get enzymes ready and going, as well as supplementing with HCL to allow stomach acid to become appropriately acidic).  The third thing (of many more) I learned was how stomach acid serves as a barrier for pathogens.  I've had a problem with bacterial overgrowth for awhile now, and though I've been taking probiotics for some time, I find I am missing a key ingredient in the healing process – getting my digestion running more efficiently so that the bacteria cannot resurface and that the supplements I am taking will be used and not merely excreted.

This book is flooded with information.  It definitely helped me understand digestion much more than I had beforehand.  I enjoyed the fact that the authors made many references and based their opinions on actual trials (facts).  It proved to me that I need to make a stronger effort to work on my digestion, especially since I have been taking several supplements – I certainly don't want those to just go down the pipeline!  I will for sure be recommending this book to people who have digestive distress and want to look into healing their body naturally and without the common antacids and acid-blockers that do more harm than good.

Have you heard this about stomach acid?  Were you aware of just how important it is for us??  Leave me a comment below!