Low Fat Diet Myth: Why A Poor and Low Fat Diet Wrecks Havoc on Your Body


The majority of Americans eat a low fat diet or a diet high in rancid or hydrogenated fats.  This type of eating wrecks havoc on your body.

Here's why...

Why healthy fats are important in your diet.

Healthy fats are important for individuals for so many reasons and it all begins on the cellular level.  Humans are made up of trillions of cells.  These cells are held together by a cell wall that is made up of fats (also known as lipids).  These specific lipids can only be acquired though the diet as the body cannot produce them on its own.  Without a strong cell wall, the cell will not be able to function optimally nor will it be able to ward off any threats against its existence.  Another important thing to remember is that nutrients travel in and out of cells.  This transportation cannot be made without lipids to carry the fat-soluble vitamins.  Lipids also aid in communicating between the cells and helping systems run smoothly in the body.  So if you're eating a low fat diet, your cells aren't going to be getting enough fats to keep your cell walls strong which causes a heap of health issues and communication within your body (including your hormones).

The problem with poor fats.

When poor rancid and trans fatty acids are digested instead of healthy, nutrient-dense fats, there are problems on many sides.  Damaged fats not only contain no nutrient value whatsoever, but they can act as free radicals in the body and damage the cells.  They take the place of healthy lipids, but since they are man-made, unknown substances to the body and void of nutrients, they do not function in the same way as a healthy fat but instead they harm the cells in which they reside.  Cells are built from and run efficiently on nutrients.  When nutrients are not being digested, cells cannot form and function properly.

Healthy fats are needed for optimal health.

Poor fats lack vitamins and minerals and do not carry any health benefits.   Since they have become rampant in the SAD (Standard American Diet), they contribute greatly to the widespread increase of disease as disease is at the bottom of a downward spiral with the health of a cell at the top.  At a cellular level, nutrients are needed for energy.  When not enough nutrients are being consumed, energy declines causing organs to become inefficient at their job.  When organs cannot do their job, detoxification processes are impaired, the body cannot repair and rebuild itself, and the systems of the body slow down their functions until they can no longer work proficiently and disease takes hold.

Poor fats affect your gut health.

"All disease begins in the gut."  - Hippocrates

Disease starts with a poor, nutrient-void diet: a diet that does not allow the body to perform efficiently and effectively as it was created to do; a diet that destroys the body from the inside-out and allows disease to take over.  The body is a smart machine,but it needs to be given the proper nutrient-dense foods so that it can flourish and perform proficiently the jobs it was made to do.  It's like glass... just one small crack and the whole thing can fall to pieces.

I hope you now realized the importance of avoiding a low fat diet and diet full of poor fats!  For a list of healthy fat options, grab my Quick Guide to Real Food!

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What is your favorite healthy fat?  My favorite is grass-fed butter... mmm!  Share yours in the comments below!