Joint Pain and Arthritis? Why your bones may be weak and how to better support them.


Do you suffer from joint pain? Or arthritis? Or weak bones in general?

If you're answer is "yes," you are not alone!  SO many people have problems with their bones and joints -- no matter their age!

And each year, it's becoming more and more of a problem.

So you might be asking, "well, why is this?"

It could be a few things, but the most common reason for these issues is a deficiency of necessary nutrients... let me explain:

Calcium's role in balancing blood pH

Bones play a vital role in the balancing of pH in the blood and maintaining calcium homeostasis (balance in the body).  One of the biggest jobs of bones is to hold a ready supply of calcium to be used in the blood when the pH becomes unbalanced.  Calcium is an alkaline substance and is used as a buffer to help regulate blood pH (not exactly well-known to most people).


So when the body senses that the level of pH of the blood is too low, it releases calcium from the bone and brings it into the blood.  The opposite is also true.  When the body senses that the level of pH in the blood is too high, it removes calcium from the blood and brings it back into the bone.  Bones are the storage center of calcium and thus are called upon often as the pH of blood can change throughout the day due to stress, diet, exercise, illness, and other key factors.

Do you have enough calcium in your bones?

Now the real question is: are the bones absorbing enough calcium do perform their job of regulating blood pH?

In order for the body to absorb calcium from the diet, the acid in the stomach must maintain a low pH.  If the pH of stomach acid is not acidic enough, calcium will not be absorbed and will simply be excreted.  A proper level of pH during digestion is required for the absorption and assimilation of calcium into the body and into the bones.  So if calcium cannot be absorbed due to high stomach pH levels, it won't be able to enter the bones and will therefore cause them to hold too little calcium stores preventing calcium and bones from performing their job of maintaining proper blood pH.  This inadequate amount of calcium stores will then cause many health issues to arise, for example osteoporosis and joint pain.

It is vitally important to make sure that the pH of blood is continuously going back to its normal range (it's a necessity for survival!).  And the only way to make sure this can happen is to have enough calcium stored in the bones so it can function as the buffer it is meant to be and bring the body back to homeostasis.

It's not just about calcium.


Another consideration I want to mention... not only does the pH of the stomach acid need to be low enough in order for the body to absorb the calcium in the diet, but there also needs to be enough of the essential cofactors needed for the body to properly absorb and use the calcium throughout the body.  Calcium cannot be absorbed in the absence of several cofactors.  Some of these cofactors include other minerals (sodium, magnesium, potassium, and others), vitamins, healthy fats, proper digestion, proper hydration, and more.

This one is the real hitter... STRESS(dietary [gluten, sugar, sensitivities, etc], emotional, physical, etc) increases blood pH and therefore increases the need for more calcium.

And really, it's not that we need more calcium in our diet -- most of us get enough -- but it's the cofactors and the chronic stress that make it difficult (and sometimes even impossible) for our body to be able to actually absorb and use the calcium that we do ingest.  Taking more calcium is not the answer as your body still won't be able to absorb it.

A nutrient-rich diet is essential to joint pain, arthritis, and bone health.

This is why a diet rich in nutrient-dense food and healthy fats is key to great health.  And good news: correcting joint pain and reversing arthritis is completely possible!!  By consuming the essential nutrients your body needs, you can turn weak bones and joints into strong, healthy bones and joints!

There are so many other health problems that can be remedied, as well, simply by changing the diet and lifestyle factors that deplete the body of its ability to maintain proper balance and adding in those essential nutrients your body is missing.

Our bodies have the ability to heal -- we just need to step aside and allow it to do its job...!

Did you learn something new?  Let me know in the comments below!

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