Healthy Taco Salad with Plantain Chips [paleo, corn-free, gluten-free]


Oooh man... a healthy taco salad??  Yes, please! So this has seriously been my go-to dinner for the past couple months.  So. Dang. Delicious!  And just as easy to put together!  I've always been a fan of tacos and nachos, but ever since I found out that my body doesn't appreciate corn (and therefore lovely tortilla chips) I'd been missing that wonderful "crunch" in my taco salads.  Then I found about plantain chips... and OMG.  Plantain chips are my hero!  They are the perfect replacement for tortilla chips to be covered under a mound of lettuce and all the other yummy, healthy ingredients.  If you feel me, try this healthy taco salad recipe asap!  Because, well, it's wonderfully tasty, but also super healthy!

Healthy Taco Salad with Plantain Chips [paleo, corn-free, gluten-free]

Servings: 1

Beef Taco Salad with Plantain Chips.png

What You’ll Need:


Easy peasy... Heat up your cauli-rice and ground beef and get out your plate.  Place your chips on the bottom and top them with your lettuce, beef, cauli-rice, taco seasoning, salsa, avocado, and yogurt.  Mix a bit and enjoy!

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