Eat Fat, Get Fat Myth: Does Fat Make You Fat?

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Fat makes you fat...right?

The all-too-common phrase "if you eat fat, you'll get fat" (outright saying that fat makes you fat), has greatly contributed to the obesity epidemic in America.  The problem is, if a person consumes less fat in their diet, they are guaranteed to consume more carbohydrates.  Not eating enough healthy fats can for sure cause problems in the health of an individual, but eating too many carbohydrates (especially in the form of sugar as is the case with a standard American diet) can more easily cause weight gain and eventually obesity.

What's wrong with more carbs?

A higher intake of carbs means that there is going to be higher blood glucose levels throughout the body which directly results in higher insulin levels.  Just as glucose rises, it will eventually plummet causing severe cravings for more glucose.  If the rise and crash of glucose continues for a long period of time, it will eventually wear out the pancreas (so that not enough insulin is released for the amount of glucose in the body), the liver (which will struggle to produce and release glucose), and eventually the adrenals (which will go into exhaustion trying to make up for the loss of performance of the pancreas and liver).  Poor performance of these three vital organs will cause a dysfunction leading to a higher risk of insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.

"Just because something is COMMON, that doesn't make it NORMAL."

In very simple terms, consuming more carbs than the body uses causes those extra carbs to store in the body as fuel for later in the form of fat.  This is one thing I tell my personal training clients when encouraging them to log their food intake and change up their nutrition habits.  Calories aren't the only thing that determines whether you will lose or gain weight.  It's what your body can absorb and whether or not its systems are running efficiently.

Consuming a higher amount of carbs also, by default, means that there will be a lower intake of protein and fats in the body.  This limited amount of protein and fats indicates that the body won't have enough amino acids (found in protein) to build and maintain muscle and not enough fats to build and maintain healthy cells (and, therefore, healthy transportation of hormones and other nutrients across the body).  Protein and fats are essential building blocks of muscles, tissues, and cells.  Not consuming enough of these two food groups can contribute greatly to the declining of health, both in glucose imbalances as well as hormones and other processes that depend on the proper functioning of the pancreas, liver, and adrenal glands.

Truth be told.

Americans are at a high risk for inclining blood sugar dysregulation.  The quality and addictive nature of the foods in the Standard American Diet (it's SAD for a reason) play a huge role in the current and future obesity epidemic.  Here's to hoping the low-fat, high-carb train will turn over to a more balanced and healthy way of life for Americans in the near future...!

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Do you agree that fat makes you fat is just a myth and is NOT the main cause of obesity in America?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!