Detox Prep: Why Proper Digestion is Important for Detoxification

Detox Prep.png

We all know that our bodies build up and store toxins over time -- otherwise, detoxes wouldn't exist!  With all the toxins floating around -- in the air, makeup, skin care, food -- it's important that we make sure we complete a detox every now and then to help our bodies eliminate the toxin buildup so it can focus on nourishing us and not simply fighting toxins.

But here's the kicker... most people start a detox without having the right plan in place to actually allow the toxins to leave the body.  Toxins need to be eliminated out of the body.  They don't just "die off".  They need to have a way of leaving the body and this means, first and foremost, our digestion needs to be regular (no constipation here) prior to beginning a detox.

Proper digestion and elimination pathways are vital to have in place before embarking on a detoxification. As you may or may not know, digestion goes hand-in-hand with elimination. When you eat food (let's assume you have optimal digestion at this point), your body will use its digestive system to take what it needs from that food, destroy any parasites or other threats that may have entered, and eliminate those dead cells along with the unused portion of what we ate through our bowels. So what does this have to do with going through a detox?  Everything!

In an ideal environment, here is what's supposed to happen: the body sees the toxins that entered the body and through a proper digestion and elimination processes, it will excrete these toxins out of the body as quickly as possible. But when our digestive system is not running optimally, neither will our elimination processes. Therefore, the toxins that are supposed to be digested and eliminated will get stuck in the body and will be absorbed and stored inside adipose tissue (where it cannot do as much harm) to protect the body from these toxins.

When the body goes through a detoxification process, it releases these stored toxins from the adipose tissue and back into the blood and body. And if digestion and therefore elimination processes are not working efficiently, then these toxins will again be trapped in the body and will overload the body which can cause some serious health issues. Taking toxins in the body little at a time is one thing; having them all be released at once during a detox is another. The body won't have the chance to protect itself (by storing the toxins) and will be overrun and over-stressed quickly making for a super unhealthy and toxic environment – much worse than before.

Therefore, proper digestion and elimination are crucial before implementing any intense detoxification protocol. The purpose of a detox is to rid the toxins. So if you continue on a detox program while the body's digestion and elimination processes aren't running optimally, the body won't be able to detoxify and instead of ridding the toxins from the adipose tissue, you will simply be causing a massive toxic burden on the body. By correcting the body's digestion and elimination systems before performing a detox, you will enable the body to release and eliminate the built-up toxins making a much less toxic environment for your body.