Healthy Chocolate Carob Chips [paleo, AIP, dairy-free]

Chocolate Carob Chips
Chocolate Carob Chips

Mmmm... chocolate (or for me, right now: mmm... chocolate carob chips!)  Is this how you react too?  I have always been a chocolate lover.  My parents (more specifically, my mom) kinda raised me this way.  Growing up, I can guess that I had chocolate in one form or another every single day.  And I still love it!  You'd think I'd get bored of it, right?  Well... not the case. Now as you may know, there are multiple reasons someone may or may not be "addicted" to chocolate.  Many times it's a magnesium or another nutrient deficiency.  Other times it's due to a blood sugar imbalance.  Or maybe it's due to a hidden or unknown food sensitivity (sadly, we tend to crave the foods our body is sensitive to...!).  Sometimes it could just be because you absolutely LOVE chocolate!  But no matter your "why" for wanting chocolate, what I can tell you is that you CAN make it healthy and chock-full of nutrients (even if your body may be a little sensitive to the real chocolate)!!  Heck yes!!

Introducing Healthy Chocolate Carob Chips (well, they're more like chocolate chunks... ain't nooo way I'm going to spend all that time to form little chips out of the mixture.  If that's your cup of tea, then go for it!  But that's definitely not mine.)

Alright, so today I'm going to share one of my newly-found, slightly-obsessed-over recipe: healthy chocolate chips!  I was so thrilled when I found this recipe!  This recipe is completely paleo, completely made from real whole food.  It can even be easily converted to carob chips for those of you who don't do well with chocolate.  Like myself, unfortunately.

Sadly, I recently found out that my body doesn't appreciate chocolate.  It actually makes me break out a little bit..!  *Crossing my fingers* on this being a temporary problem....!  So, I've been making mine with carob powder instead of cacao and it's still completely amazing!  And yes, it can be used inside a recipe (such as paleo cookies) or it can just be eaten on its own which is what I tend to do.  But either way, this is a super easy recipe that only takes about 5 minutes plus a little bit of freezer time to make sure it gets nice and firm.  Then it's good to go!

But seriously, this recipe has been a lifesaver-- it satisfies that sweet tooth along with making sure I'm getting plenty of healthy fats into my diet!  And bonus -- it saves $$!

Plus, there are only has six main ingredients and all you do is mix them together -- it's THAT easy!  There's no cooking required!  You literally just mix the ingredients together!  Well I guess there's one slight catch to this.  If you live in a colder climate, you may have to warm up the oil so it can be mixed more easily with the rest of the ingredients.  But still super easy!  So let's get to it!

Healthy Chocolate Carob Chips [paleo, AIP, dairy-free]


Servings: 4

What You'll Need:


Mix ingredients into a bowl.  Spread mixture onto a glass 8X8 (or 9X13 if you want thinner pieces) baking dish lined with parchment paper.  Place in the freezer to harden.  Once firm, break or take a knife and cut little chunks.  Eat and enjoy!

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