Healing All Purpose AIP Spice Mix [paleo, AIP]


A few months ago, I went on a strict AIP diet to see if it would help heal my gut. This meant I had to remove all nightshades... this includes most types of pepper as well as seeds  pretty much ruling out all spice mixes you would make or buy.

Well that sure makes life easy!...

So I went hunting for some AIP friendly seasoning recipes that I could use primarily on my chicken salads.  The problem was, none of the recipes I found were very tasty... at least not for someone who doesn't appreciate a strong turmeric taste on my salad.

From there, I decided to make my own AIP spice recipe - one that still contains powerful healing ingredients like turmeric and ginger, but one that isn't super strong in roots that aren't something I (nor many other people I know) want all my food to be covered in.

This recipe only contains the savory stuff (:

Healing All Purpose AIP Spice Mix [paleo, AIP]

Recipe makes approximately 6 Tablespoons.

What You'll Need:


Mix all ingredients together and use as needed! Enjoy!

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Try this recipe and let me know in the comments below what you think!